MagTecta™ Contacting Face Seals

The MagTecta is a magnetically energized bearing protector, installed in tens of thousands of applications world wide. Designed to fit where traditional lip-seals or labyrinth seals fit, the MagTecta™ range features two sets of seal faces, offering double the protection of a conventional design.

Magtecta- Magnetically energized bearing protector


Magnetically energized bearing protector

The MagTecta™ range includes two sets of seal faces. These products, in the opinion of AESSEAL®, are the world’s first modular dual face bearing protectors, offering double the protection of a conventional single seal face design.

Magtecta-OM- Bearing Protection – Oil Mist


Bearing Protection – Oil Mist

The MagTecta-OM™ is a face seal that prevents oil mist pollution and has been applied to thousands of pieces of equipment in the hydrocarbon processing industry.


Magnetic Single Face Bearing Protector Range

Through its magnetically energized contacting faces and incorporated labyrinth seal technology, the MagTecta-S™ protects your equipment from both external contamination and loss of lubrication.

Lubrication Conditions: