Double Seals

Advantages of Double Mechanical Seals

A double or dual mechanical seal consists of two independent seals mounted within a seal chamber outside the pump, which is flushed with an independent supply. This makes them ideal for sealing hazardous liquids, liquids with abrasives or liquids that are corrosive, as the seal faces only see clean lubrication greatly increasing mechanical seal life. 

AESSEAL® double mechanical seals have independent seal-face designs, to enhance safe containment of process fluid in the event of damage to any individual sealing element.


CDSA - Cartridge Mounted Double Seal


Cartridge Mounted Double Seal

This modular seal is ideal for the containment of hazardous process fluids.

CFFC - High Performance Mechanical Seal


High Performance Mechanical Seal

The CFFC™ and HPVD™ are dual seals. (The CFC™ and HPVS™ are the single versions.)

These robust seals are designed for use on difficult applications, including oil pipeline pumping, water injection and boiler feed duties.

DMSF / DMSC double mechanical seal


Double Monolithic Stationary Flow / Convection

The DMSF™ (Double Monolithic Stationary Flow) range of double mechanical seals has been designed as a high-performance sealing solution for arduous applications.

CDFI & CDFC - Double Mechanical Seal


Double Mechanical Seal

The CDFI™ / CDFC™ bridges the product range gap between the CDSA™ and DMSF™ differentiating itself in two areas.

CDP - Double Mechanical Seal


Double Mechanical seal

The AESSEAL CDP™/CDPN™ range of cartridge mechanical seals has been designed as high-performance sealing solutions for general applications.  

CDPH - Heavy-Duty Double Slurry Seal

CDPH Slurry Seal

Heavy-Duty Double Slurry Seal

The CDPH™ double mechanical seal is designed to meet the arduous requirements of slurry applications. Large ports and increased radial clearances enable the seal to maintain a stable fluid film...

Double Stationary Seal


Double Stationary Seal Range

Stationary seal face technology to accommodate angular shaft to housing misalignment. Bi-directional flow induction (patent pending) for effective barrier heat removal