With operations in six continents, AESSEAL® is the world’s 4th largest supplier of mechanical seals, achieving growth through exceptional customer service and innovative products that provide real customer benefits.

For every seal developed by AESSEAL®, we use state-of-the-art computational facilities and numerical tools to design and optimize seal performance prior to manufacture and testing.

These tools include Predictive Software Code developed in-house, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our numerical tools are used for seal design, performance optimization, special product application and troubleshooting.

In combination with an extensive test program the result is world-leading technology that keeps your equipment running longer.

AES-15 Seal Support System


Robust, low maintenance and highly reliable

The AES-15 vessel forms the core of a robust, low maintenance and highly reliable Seal Support System.

AES-28 Stainless Steel API Vessel


API Vessel

The AES-28 range has a choice of three vessel options, including a screwed connection vessel, a socket welded vessel and a butt welded vessel; All three vessel options are fully compliant with API 682 and can be used on API plans, 51, 52 and 53A.
AES-FV (Flanged Vessel) System


Flanged Vessel

The AES-FV (Flanged Vessel) System is to be used on arduous applications where bacteria build up in the vessel is an issue.

The AES-FV can have its bottom flange easily removed to administer efficient internal cleaning.

AESTEX Joint Sealant


100% pure e-PTFE (according to VDE-VDI 2480)

100% pure e-PTFE (according to VDE-VDI 2480) in a stretched filament knotted fibre structure. This ensures high-pressure resistance (no cold flow) and a good adaptation to the flange surface.

Air Blast Cooler

Air Blast Cooler

Additional Air Cooling

The Air Blast Cooler uses a combination of high performance cooling elements and high capacity, compact AC electrically powered fans to give long trouble-free operation in arduous applications.

BDFI - Bellows Double Flow Induction Seal


Bellows Double Flow Induction / Convection

The BDFI™/BDFC™ (Bellows Double Flow Induction/Convection) is an innovative modular hybrid design, created using the inboard design of a BQFD™ and the outboard design of a DMSF™.

BDTP - Bellows Double Seal


Bellows Double Seal

The BDTP™ (Bellows Double Tandem Pumping) is a highly-innovative hybrid design, modular to the BDFI™. The seal's directed barrier fluid flow path achieves optimum heat removal at both sets of seal faces.