With operations in six continents, AESSEAL® is the world’s 4th largest supplier of mechanical seals, achieving growth through exceptional customer service and innovative products that provide real customer benefits.

For every seal developed by AESSEAL®, we use state-of-the-art computational facilities and numerical tools to design and optimize seal performance prior to manufacture and testing.

These tools include Predictive Software Code developed in-house, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our numerical tools are used for seal design, performance optimization, special product application and troubleshooting.

In combination with an extensive test program the result is world-leading technology that keeps your equipment running longer.

Gas Panel - Intrinsically Safe


Gas Panel - Intrinsically Safe Area

The Gas Panel System is designed to supply inert gas (e.g. Air or Nitrogen) to mechanical seals on processes that cannot tolerate contamination by water or oil barrier fluids (e.g. mixer applications).

Heavy Duty Slurry Seal


Heavy Duty Slurry Seals

The HDSS and HDDSS heavy duty slurry seals are designed for the arduous environment of the mining industry. The robust seals are built to withstand levels of pump vibration with large internal clearances accommodating levels of movement.

Heat Guard


Protection Against Burns From Hot Systems

Industrial applications are hazardous places for personnel to work especially when hot oil seal support vessels are in use.

Helicoil Cooler

Helicoil Coolers

Helicoil Cooler - Additional Cooling

The AESEAL Cooler is constructed from 316 stainless steel tube and cast iron casing (cast steel & cast 316 steel casting options available).

Pulp & Paper Double Screen Seal


Pulp & Paper Double Screen Seal

The IADC™ Screen seal design is a double seal available in a wide range of seal face and elastomer applications to suit individual process requirements. This seal is used on screens and knotters.

Pulp & Paper Screen Application Seal


Pulp & Paper Screen Application Seal

This seal employs standard, modular, inventoried AESSEAL­­® components, with a seal gland, which retains fluid when the screen is emptied. This avoids dry running of the tungsten carbide seal faces on equipment start-up.

ICE GUARD - seal support, freeze protection


Ideal for applications where water is prone to freeze in and around the seal support system.

ICEGUARD continually senses the temperature of the water inside the seal support system. The flow generated prevents the liquid inside the system from freezing.