With operations in six continents, AESSEAL® is the world’s 4th largest supplier of mechanical seals, achieving growth through exceptional customer service and innovative products that provide real customer benefits.

For every seal developed by AESSEAL®, we use state-of-the-art computational facilities and numerical tools to design and optimize seal performance prior to manufacture and testing.

These tools include Predictive Software Code developed in-house, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our numerical tools are used for seal design, performance optimization, special product application and troubleshooting.

In combination with an extensive test program the result is world-leading technology that keeps your equipment running longer.

Inflatable Shut off Seal


Inflatable Shut off Seal

The ISOS™ (inflatable shut-off seal) is fitted between the pump and and radially-divided seal, to form a separate seal when required, allowing the quick and easy removal of the mechanical seal.  

LabTecta 66FS

LabTecta 66FS

Designed to seal oil flooded bearing chambers

The LabTecta®66FS incorporates recognised lip seal technology into AESSEAL’s advanced labyrinth design.

LabTecta66 - Bearing Protection


Bearing Protection

Eliminate over 50% of bearing failures with the LabTecta® IP66 certified bearing protector: a true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.

LabTecta66 AX- Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

LabTecta66 AX

Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

The LabTecta-AX™ design uses a unique sliding rotor that allows the seal to absorb axial movement internally.

LabTecta66 IAP- Bearing Protection – Inboard Airpurge

LabTecta66 IAP

Bearing Protection – Inboard Airpurge

The LabTecta-IAP™ design is ideal for applications where it is necessary to retain product, gases or exhaust within an enclosure. Common applications are fans, screw conveyors and other powder handling equipment.

LabTecta66 KSB- Bearing Protection – KSB CPK Pumps

LabTecta66 KSB

Bearing Protection – KSB CPK Pumps

Advanced non-contacting labyrinth seal with integral shut-off valve and accessories for KSB CPK pumps.

LabTecta66 OAP- Bearing Protection – Outboard Airpurge

LabTecta66 OAP

Bearing Protection – Outboard Airpurge

The LabTecta-OAP™ is specifically designed for use in extreme environments and applications where contamination may completely cover the seal /equipment.