The API 682 Standard 4th Edition

Our guide to the 4th Edition of the API 682 Standard, What's changed and how it relates to shaft sealing systems

The 4th Edition of API 682 Standard Shaft sealing systems for rotary pumps (i.e. mechanical seals and systems) was published on the 1st May 2014. API 682 is a key equipment standard for safe and reliable operation of mechanical seals and auxiliary piping systems. After six years of development, the 4th Edition now covers a multitude of seals designs and auxiliary piping systems. It can be referenced in the procurement of both new and retrofit equipment.

Key Elements of the 4th Edition API 682 Standard 

The fundamental building blocks of API 2nd and 3rd Editions—seal types, arrangements, and configurations—remain effectively unchanged for the 4th Edition. Users who are familiar with the 3rd Edition do not have a major step to understand the 4th Edition. 

Many of the changes in the 4th Edition are detail enhancements particularly with auxiliary systems and piping plans. For example, Plans 53B, 53C, 65, and 75 would now include construction and size defaults. 


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