ATEX Machinery Element

The ATEX Machinery Element System provides an enhanced service to engineers, OEMs and end-users. It is a comprehensive guide to assessing mechanical seals against ATEX requirements, resulting in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.
Most mechanical seals are classified as Machinery Elements, parts of machinery which do not fall within the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU; mechanical seals can be self-assessed and certified as part of the equipment. For more information please see the ESA ATEX position statement and EC ATEX committee page
AESSEAL® provides the necessary support to engineers, OEMs and end-users to attain the required ATEX compliance level for mechanical seals. 
The AESSEAL® Addendum, together with the Application Limits sheet for the seal type and a comprehensive Worksheet Booklet, provide all necessary information for the user to determine whether the seal is suitable for a particular ATEX application.

Copies of these documents can be obtained by email from  please state the type of seal being considered.

The use of materials in ATEX zoned areas is subject to stringent restrictions and requirements stipulated in EN ISO 80079-36. Mechanical seals containing light metal alloy parts and non-conductive ceramics or coatings must not be incorporated into rotating equipment classified as Group II, Category 2 or 3 in potentially explosive atmospheres without approval by AES Technical Department.

If required AESSEAL® Technical Dept can provide material selection advice, and will evaluate an Atex application if provided with full application information and the Atex specification for the plant area (e.g. EX II 2G IIC c T3).

ATEX Evaluation

If required, our technical department can evaluate an ATEX application, provided we have full application information and the ATEX specification for the plant area (e.g. EX II 2G IIC c T3).

For more information please contact our technical department or sales team, or contact us by email at

Ex Certification

AESSEAL® can provide mechanical seals suitable for Zones 0/20, 1/21 & 2/22 (as defined by EN ISO/IEC 60079-10 parts 1 and 2) with the following available certificates:

  • ATEX Certification for Group II Equipment, Categories 1, 2 & 3 (in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU)
  • IECEx Certification for Group II & III Equipment, EPL Ga/Gb/Gc & Da/Db/Dc (in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 60079-0)

AESSEAL® has an ISO 9001 approved quality procedure in place to ensure compliance with the Harmonized Standards, EU Type Examination Certificate, QAN and QAR. (Assessed and Certified by an independent EU Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body.)

For more information, please contact our technical department or sales team, or email us at