Seal Refurbishment Centres

AESSEAL® has a global network of over 40 authorized and audited Refurbishment Service Centres, dedicated to repairing not only our own products, but also mechanical seals made by competitors.

Quality and customer service are the highest priority at our refurbishment centres. Our larger facilities are certified to ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 14001 environmental standard and the OHSAS 18001 health and safety standard as well as Investors in People. Every repair location is staffed by fully-trained, highly-experienced mechanical seal engineers and technicians, and their experience translates into an unmatched quality of service. 

Our centres offer a range of industry-leading seal refurbishment services:

  • Emergency Seal Repair Service
  • Condition reporting and seal failure analysis to provide evidence of potential process or equipment problems
  • Refurbishment of virtually all mechanical seal variants, including those manufactured by competitors
  • Technical upgrades, re-engineering and improvement on existing designs
    (including retrofitting new internals)
  • Provision of replacement wear-parts, including wear-parts for competitors' seals
  • Pressure testing to specific requirements, including API 682
  • Replacement soft faces
    (AESSEAL® Policy is to never re-lap Carbon faces)
  • Replacement hard faces in Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide
  • Provision of wear-parts and bespoke components in exotic alloys such as Alloy 20, Alloy 276, Titanium, Ferralium, Inconel and more
  • Diamond grinding facilities for hard face materials
  • Specialist coating service including Chrome-Oxide, HVOF and stainless steels
  • Diamond lapping facilities to enable the lapping of faces to within 2 helium light bands
  • Manufacture of PTFE components in variants such as pure, glass-filled and carbon-filled.
  • Precise measurement of wear-parts using co-ordinate measuring machines and other methods
  • Service exchange
    (where applicable)
  • Unique product serial number ensuring full traceability throughout the service of every seal
AESSEAL's mechanical seal refurbishment aims to extend the life cycle for both AESSEAL and competitors’ products, helping to protect the environment while saving money.