Bearing Protection

Research shows that 52% of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil*.

* Bloch, Heinz; “Pump Users Handbook: Life Extension” 2011.

Save your bearings and improve your reliability with our bearing isolation / protection range.

Research into Bearing Failures

Reliability by numbers: 52% of bearing failures. A study into equipment reliability conducted at a major refinery has published statistics on causes of equipment failure. They concluded that 40% of overall rotating equipment failures (pumps, mixers, etc) were due to bearing failure.

They further estimated that 48% of all bearing failures were due to particle contamination and a further 4% were due to corrosion (caused by liquid in the oil). Therefore 52% (total contamination cause) of 40% (bearing failures) = 20.8% of all rotating equipment failures are caused by contamination of the bearing oil.

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Bearing Protection

The LabTecta®M is specifically designed for use on electric motors.

LabTecta-T - Bearing Protection – Top Entry


Bearing Protection – Top Entry

Advanced cost effective labyrinth seal, specifically designed for top-entry applications.

LabTecta OP


Bearing Protection

A cost effective bearing protection upgrade solution, which is non repairable.



Bearing Protection

Engineered Bearing Protection for use with tilting pad bearings.

LabTecta 66FS

LabTecta 66FS

Designed to seal oil flooded bearing chambers

The LabTecta®66FS incorporates recognised lip seal technology into AESSEAL’s advanced labyrinth design.

LabTecta66 - Bearing Protection


Bearing Protection

Eliminate over 50% of bearing failures with the LabTecta® IP66 certified bearing protector: a true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.

LabTecta66 AX- Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

LabTecta66 AX

Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

The LabTecta-AX™ design uses a unique sliding rotor that allows the seal to absorb axial movement internally.